Compiling memecoin-qt on (X)Ubuntu

This is a little guide to help you compile the memecoin-qt client on (X)Ubuntu. Since they are all based on the same client, this guide should also be applicable on other clients like the litecoin-qt, feathercoin-qt, ... 1. Install git, make a ~/src directory and clone the memecoin-qt source code 2. Download the needed development … Continue reading Compiling memecoin-qt on (X)Ubuntu


J-ExifTool v0.0.1

Today I've released the first version of J-ExifTool together with its source code on BitBucket.  It's the first version and it's still very, very beta so I won't guarantee that it'll work flawlessly but if you find any bugs, please let me know and I'll do my best to fix them 🙂 . The only … Continue reading J-ExifTool v0.0.1

Unit testing your services with the help of DBUnit

Unittesting an application is something which can improve the overall quality of the application. It can sometimes be a tedious job to test a service layer which accesses a database because it has to be in a known state when running the tests. To do this, unit tests which need a database often use in-memory … Continue reading Unit testing your services with the help of DBUnit