J-ExifTool v0.0.9

Today I've released version 0.0.9 of J-ExifTool. This release doesn't add new features, but it's more reliable so I highly suggest the upgrade: Maven support ! It's not in a public repository (yet), but it's one step closer to using J-ExifTool in a maven project ūüėČ Buffers are more reliable Some tests are re-written The … Continue reading J-ExifTool v0.0.9


J-ExifTool v0.0.8

Today I've released version 0.0.8 of J-ExifTool. This release adds new functionalities and provides some bug fixes: #8: Delete all exif¬†tags #12: extract thumnail image #15: it's now possible to read exiftool path from environment variable Improved reading out the command line buffer (no more lost/split/incorrect values, tests are more stable now) Since release v0.0.5 … Continue reading J-ExifTool v0.0.8

J-ExifTool v0.0.7

Today I've released version 0.0.7 of J-ExifTool. This only¬†provides some bug fixes: Resolved issue¬†#13: Unable to read unicode. return funny characters Resolved issue¬†#14: Unintended use of week year date format?   If you have encoding issues then try changing the System Property¬†be.pw.jexif.internal.constants.ExecutionConstant.EXIFTOOLCLIENCODING By default, UTF-8 will be used on Linux/Mac and Cp850 on Windows. Since … Continue reading J-ExifTool v0.0.7

J-ExifTool v0.0.6

Today I've released version 0.0.6 of J-ExifTool. This release adds new functionalities and provides some bug fixes: Copy tags from an existing image using JExifInfo#copyFrom(...) method Perform date/time shift using JExifInfo#timeShift(...) method Some minor bug fixes Since release v0.0.5 you'll need the Apache Commons Exec library in your classpath. I've added a new lib folder … Continue reading J-ExifTool v0.0.6