Fault occurred while processing.

Last week, completely out of the blue I got faced with the following Soap exception:   I didn't matter whether I ran my calls through Soap-UI or through the application, I would always face this error. No clear solutions were available on the internet, except for a bunch of things you could try. Eventually I … Continue reading Fault occurred while processing.

J-ExifTool v0.0.8

Today I've released version 0.0.8 of J-ExifTool. This release adds new functionalities and provides some bug fixes: #8: Delete all exif tags #12: extract thumnail image #15: it's now possible to read exiftool path from environment variable Improved reading out the command line buffer (no more lost/split/incorrect values, tests are more stable now) Since release v0.0.5 … Continue reading J-ExifTool v0.0.8