Windows Phone 10: Your account settings are out of date

Today I started my with a cheerful notice from my Windows Phone 10 mentioning that my Outlook account settings are out of date. A bit annoyed I ignored it until the afternoon when a second (hotmail) account started annoying me with the same message. Letting Windows Phone "repair" the issue resulted in nothing but an 0x80070426 … Continue reading Windows Phone 10: Your account settings are out of date


maven-jaxb2-plugin: java.lang.NoSuchFieldError: encoding

This is the TLDR; version of this bug, so if the following solution doesn't work for you, you might want to read it all. When upgrading to a new version of Maven you might be faced with the following exception   The problem is caused by a more recent version of com.sun.xml.bind:jabx-xjc being used when … Continue reading maven-jaxb2-plugin: java.lang.NoSuchFieldError: encoding

No inserts using Hibernate and Spring

I was setting up a simple side-project with Spring, Spring Data and Hibernate. My repositories are generated using Spring Data's jpa:repositories to save on development time and the database schema is generated using Hibernate, based on my JPA and JSR-303 annotated entities. However, one of the issues I encountered was that my repositories did not insert anything in … Continue reading No inserts using Hibernate and Spring Fault occurred while processing.

Last week, completely out of the blue I got faced with the following Soap exception:   I didn't matter whether I ran my calls through Soap-UI or through the application, I would always face this error. No clear solutions were available on the internet, except for a bunch of things you could try. Eventually I … Continue reading Fault occurred while processing.