Office 365 slow when typing and constant high CPU

Lately, my Office 365 started to misbehave. Launching Excel was so slow that it usually ended with “There was a problem sending the command to the program” and typing into Word was a PITA; it would take 2-4 seconds for text to show up after typing.

A quick look at the process revealed that there was a thread for wdGetApplicationObject which consumed a lot of CPU, almost constantly.


This however lead me to nothing, other people have had similar issues but never found a solution.

What I did notice was that the EMET DLL was loaded so I delved a bit deeper and I found out that EAF (Export Address Table) is known to cause performance issues. It’s even worse when using EAF in virtualized environments … like I do.

So I unchecked EAF for all Microsoft applications and all of a sudden, Office apps went from total crap to super responsive:

I left EAF on for other applications as it doesn’t seem to cause issues (or I’m not using them often enough to bother).


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