Disk2Vhd gets stuck

Yesterday I wanted to create a VHD from my laptop using Microsoft’s Disk2Vhd.
Unfortunately, after several attempts it always got stuck at about 22GB. Searching the internet revealed that running a disk check might fix it but even that got stuck at 21% (I have about 100GB worth of data so both disk2vhd and chkdsk got stuck at the same point).

Having scheduled the disk check through Windows Explorer I decided to try a bit more “advanced” checks with the chkdsk utility. The magic option seemed to be
chkdsk c: /spotfix


If you run this from an elevated prompt then it’ll suggest to do the scan on next boot and then it’s just a matter of rebooting and waiting for the disk check to complete. After this the disk2vhd utility would finish like it’s supposed to do.


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