Windows Phone 10: Your account settings are out of date

Today I started my with a cheerful notice from my Windows Phone 10 mentioning that my Outlook account settings are out of date. A bit annoyed I ignored it until the afternoon when a second (hotmail) account started annoying me with the same message.

Letting Windows Phone “repair” the issue resulted in nothing but an 0x80070426 error. A suggestion from the Microsoft fora was to manually enter the go to the outlook site and login there, but this didn’t work. The only thing left was removing and re-adding the account, but I didn’t feel like doing so because Windows Phone already has the annoying habit of forgetting my settings.

At this point the PIN code of my phone went missing and when I tried to re-enable the PIN code I got another error saying I had to “try it again on a later time”.

In the end I fixed it with rule number one in IT:



So instead of removing your accounts, maybe you can try to restart your WP10 device 😉


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