J-ExifTool v0.0.4

Today I’ve released version 0.0.4 of J-ExifTool. This version adds support for unsupported tags and for changing the languages of the error messages. Furthermore, I’ve improved the JavaDoc a bit and changed some internal bits.

The new jar can be downloaded from BitBucket.

Following example explains how to add support for unsupported tags.

Example: new Tag for Sony Camera’s

Following Tag class will create support for an Exif tag which is specific to Sony.

public enum SonyTag implements Tag {
                LENSSPEC("LensSpec", false, false, false, DataType.STRING);
                private final boolean avoided;
                private final boolean unsafe;
                private final boolean protectedField;
                private final String name;
                private final DataType type;

                private TestTagClass(final String name, final boolean unsafe, final boolean avoided, final boolean protectedField, final DataType type) {
                        this.avoided = avoided;
                        this.unsafe = unsafe;
                        this.protectedField = protectedField;
                        this.name = name;
                        this.type = type;

The only thing left to do is register the new Tags:


Following example explains how to change the language of the error messages to Dutch

Example: change language to Dutch

Cal10nUtil.changeLocale(new Locale("nl"));

Currently supported languages are “en” and “nl”. If you try any other language, then J-ExifTool will fall back to English.


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