J-ExifTool v0.0.2

Today I’ve released version 0.0.2 of J-ExifTool. I’ve been so naughty to change the signature of some methods in JExifInfo, so be aware of this when upgrading.

This new version adds 4 new methods to JExifInfo to read all tag-values at once from a single image:

  • getAllTagsValues
  • getAllExactTagsValues
  • getAllSupportedTagsValues
  • getAllSupportedExactTagsValues

As the names imply, they either read out all the tag values in human readable format or in exact format and they return all the tags (as String) or only those supported by J-ExifTool (as Tag.class).

For some bizarre reason, the unit tests for reading out all the tag values sometimes fail, I’m not sure why it skips certain tags from time to time (random behaviour), so be aware that it might happen (it’s v0.0.2 for a reason πŸ˜‰ ).

The new jar can be downloaded from BitBucket.

Just for reference, v0.0.2 = revision d4a45a6189fe.


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  1. nice πŸ˜€ .. hmm I need to edit GPS tag and save new GPS latitude and longitude to jpeg, Could you show me how I can do this ? because I can’t find example πŸ™‚

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