Dell Inspirion 6400’s nVidia GeForce GO 7300 + Windows 7 x64

I have a Dell Inspirion 6400, one of the reasons I bought this laptop was because of it’s built-in nVidia graphics card, a geForce Go 7300. Unfortunately, I soon discovered that this card was made especialy for Dell and that nVidia wasn’t realy into support this card.
It was with the first beta drivers for Windows 7 64-bit that nVidia added this card to their support list which allowed me to install the real deal. Was I disappointed that this was also the last 7xxx go drivers they’d release for Windows 7 x64 and there I was stuck with the old 179.48 drivers which had some bugs that were only solveable by enabling AA for some games.

So, today I decided to update my drivers and it was quite a hassle 😦
The first idea I had was download the regular 197.45 drivers and modding them using the Nvidia Mobility Modder. After extracting and modding the drivers, nothing had changed and when I tried to manually update the drivers, I was greeted with a

the driver selected for this device does not support this version of windows

error …
Modding older drivers didn’t solve the problem. Apparently, a GeForce Go 7300 + Windows 7 x64 is the worst possible combination.

Untill I found this: laptopvideo2go’s 197.75 drivers with modified INF file.
Guess what, these drivers work !

nVidia GO7300 on Windows 7 x64

I haven’t realy tested them yet, but I don’t expect any more problems, otherwise you’ll hear from me smile

//edit: some issues that are finally fixed
Laptop screen wouldn’t go into standby, instead it remained on all the time. Now it powers off when it’s supposed to do
Altitude was broken when 2xAA wasn’t enabled, lots of flickering and stuff. This is fixed.
Wolfenstein ET was broken when 2xAA wasn’t enabled, lots of flickering and stuff. This is fixed.
Fixed broken rendering of Java applications and full-screen flashvideo in comination with pop-ups

This post was originally posted on my My.Opera blog on Monday, June 7, 2010 5:58:41 PM. This post has been copied to my WordPress blog since the My.Opera blogging service will be discontinued.


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