Updating the iPaq 614c (code 402 fix)

As I’ve blogged a while ago, I’m a proud owner of an iPaq 614c. As this is a Windows Mobile device, it requires being updated from time to time and I’ve been wanting to update mine for a long time now. The only problem was that the HP iPaq Update Utility didn’t work, I always got a “Code 402: can not communicate with device” error and on the internet, no solution was to be found, until I reinstalled windows and I noticed in the system tray that a new network connection was trying to get an IP address and all of a sudden it became clear what was the problem. Windows mobile connects to a pc using a network connection (over USB) and normaly active sync hands out the right IP addresses. However, Windows Mobile isn’t running during an update, neither is Active Sync so no network connection can be made.
On a normal windows installation, this isn’t a problem because the Internet Connection Sharing service (and maybe the DHCP client service too) hands out the IP address, but not on my pc, I always disable this service because I don’t need it (and disabling it saves precious memory 🙂 ).
Thus, I enabled the DHCP client service and the ICS Service et voila, one iPaq 614c is being updated with the latest firmware.

iPaq 614c ready to update

So, if you get a “Code 402: can not communicate with device” error, make sure both the DHCP Client and ICS Service (windows firewall/internet connection sharing) are running.
Some other tips if the code 402 returns:

  • Updating only works on Windows XP, Windows Vista (and probably 7) is officially not supported
  • Disable firewall and Anti-virus
  • Remove the Active Sync partnership with the pda
  • Make sure the battery is fully charged (or connect to AC if possible)
  • Take your time, there’s nothing more annoying than fixing a bricked pda

This post was originally posted on my My.Opera blog on Saturday, February 14, 2009 5:32:41 PM. This post has been copied to my WordPress blog since the My.Opera blogging service will be discontinued.


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