Office 365 slow when typing and constant high CPU

Lately, my Office 365 started to misbehave. Launching Excel was so slow that it usually ended with "There was a problem sending the command to the program" and typing into Word was a PITA; it would take 2-4 seconds for text to show up after typing. A quick look at the process revealed that there … Continue reading Office 365 slow when typing and constant high CPU


Speaker fill not working in Windows 10

I recently tried to attach a subwoofer to my desktop computer, but when playing music, there was no sound coming out of it, even if I had the "Speaker fill" option enabled. A possible solution is to replace the High Definition Audio driver with an older version (specifically, the one from 27/02/2017). To do so, … Continue reading Speaker fill not working in Windows 10

Fix: can not enable Javascript in IE11

Today I had to re-sync my OneDrive library on my Windows 8.1 laptop but before I could log in I got stuck on a "Javascript is required" error message. I checked, double-check and re-checked that all Javascript options were enabled in Internet Explorer 11. I completely reset the browser, wiping all my settings, I re-installed … Continue reading Fix: can not enable Javascript in IE11

session setup failed: NT_STATUS_NOT_SUPPORTED

While trying to browse the Windows Shares of my Virtualized Windows I ran accross following error:   Purely for reference, this is the last part of the ouput with debug level 10 To fix this, go to the Windows host and open the Group Policy Editor (gpedit.msc). Go to Computer Configuration > Windows Settings > … Continue reading session setup failed: NT_STATUS_NOT_SUPPORTED

Slow performance with NamedParameterJdbcTemplate

Today I tried inserting 256 rows in a single, empty PostgreSQL table which has only one index on it using Spring's NamedParameterJdbcTemplate . To my surprise the single transaction took over 3 minutes to complete, over 500ms per INSERT statement. To make things worse, the same inserts during integration testing on an H2 database completed … Continue reading Slow performance with NamedParameterJdbcTemplate